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*Fun Fact-- Bear Farm of KS was the single largest contributer of foundation sheep to the registry. Next was Brighton Ridge of Washington, where the original flockbook was established.

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403 Cheryl Way
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An important message from registry headquarters...

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure your sheep are tagged or tattooed with visable identification when registering them, and especially before selling them. We have seen a lot of untagged sheep lately, and it's been extremely difficult to match them with their registration certificates after they are sold (and sold again). Sheep like this do wind up at auction, as they are essentially not registered.

AMCSBA no longer levies yearly dues for membership. Registry services will be provided, as requested, in accordance with their posted fees. See "Registry Rules" link at the top of this page for prices. Fees for 2012-2013 have not increased.

Check out the revised 2013 registration form, pedigrees, and certificate, as we work to streamline operations and improve turn-around time.

Registration Timelines: To qualify for the $7.00 registration fee, a lamb must be registered during its birth year. This does not provide a 12 month window of registration from the time of birth. Rather, a lamb must be registered during the same calendar year. (i.e., if born in 2012, it must be registered on/before December 31, 2012). Lambs registered after their birth year are subject to an increased registration fee. The fee increase is levied to encourage breeders to register their lambs in a timely manner.

It is important to register lambs during their birth year, as the registry generates year-end statistics. When lambs are registered late, the reports must be revised. Accurate statistics provide important breed information to potential buyers & researchers (birth numbers, colors, sexes, multiples, etc). Please, let's all do our part to maintain the accuracy of our registry statistics.

Breeder Responsibilities: It is each breeder's resonsibility to register lambs before selling them. Buyers should avoid purchasing lambs pending registration. Lambs cannot be registered by buyers, only breeders. Buyers may contact the registry to confirm registry status of any lambs they may wish to purchase. However, AMCSBA does not oversee the business practices of individual breeders, nor does it mediate.

I hope this answers questions you may have on this subject. If you require more explanation, please contact me (Eddie) at the registry.

Thanks, and have a productive lambing season!
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